WP Simulator Update Released with New Themes, Plugins, Cheat Codes and More

WPSimulator - Create, Test, Clone, Backup & Fix WordPress Sites Off-lineWPSimulator – Create, Test, Clone, Backup & Fix WordPress Sites Off-linePRLog (Press Release) – Apr. 3, 2014 – CENTRAL LONDON, U.K. — Matt Garett of SEO UK Ltd has just released a major update of WP Simulator a local host tool designed to make it easier to build, backup, fix and deploy WordPress websites.

WP Simulator allows you to run multiple WordPress installations on a PC or MAC. It comes with several invaluable site development and testing tools dramatically simplifying the process of creating, testing, cloning, backing up and fixing WordPress sites. What’s more you can use this tool offline and so it’s a tool that’s ideal for website developers or individuals who develop their own websites.

There are an unprecedented number of attacks on WordPress sites these days. WP Simulator (http://viewhere.info/wpsim) helps to provide an extra safeguard against hackers and allows website developers or web masters to make changes to websites without having to worry about a website’s downtime or about inadvertently breaking a site. WP Simulator therefore helps to prevent unnecessary website downtime with its accompanying loss of traffic, revenue and ranking.

In the words of Tony Shepherd, one of over 2,000 individuals who have purchased this software to date:

“WP Simulator is ideal for anyone who wants their blog to be perfect and to make sure it looks just right BEFORE making it live. Even better, it also means you can test out new themes and plugins to see if they work correctly in the privacy of your own PC or Mac and without the whole world watching. If you’ve ever had a fear of pushing the ‘publish’ button or have been worried about installing the plugins you need because you think it might wreck your blog…then WP Simulator is exactly what you need!”

It comes with several invaluable site development and testing tools. The new site development tools include 15 new themes, some excellent new plugins, plus new cheat codes and test and even sample pages.

A significant difference to this updated software is how easy it is to install on PCs. And there’s good news for MAC users as well as the updated version incorporates many bug fixes.

However, not only is WP Simulator (http://viewhere.info/wpsim) now so much easier and faster to install, it’s also very quick to set up test sites. In fact, it’s possible to set up the software tool with 12 test sites in a matter of minutes. Once WP Simulator is installed on your computer it’s then possible to:

~ Clone, copy & deploy live sites to a local test site running on a PC/MAC;

~ Test themes and plugins & WordPress updates;

~ Recover hacked websites;

~ Repair broken websites;

~ Prevent plugin/theme issues on live sites;

~ Create and or edit websites offline; and

~ Test website backups.

WP Simulator also works faster than on hosted sites. It’s simply a faster and smarter way to solve and prevent problems on your websites plus this quality software is very affordable.

For further information and a demonstration of how WP Simulator works visit:


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