Tricostar’s Revolutionary Document Bundling Software Incorporates Cryptshare

Tricostar Document BundlingPRLog (Press Release) – Mar. 26, 2014 – LONDON, U.K. — The legal services in particular need to be sure that the documents that they are sending across the web are safe and secure. After realising the limitations associated with email, Tricostar have teamed up with Cryptshare to offer a brand new service to clients; secure file sharing.

Cryptshare can be applied to any department’s operations and is particularly relevant to organisations that use Tricostar’s Document & Court Bundling Software. Document bundling has been one of their most popular solutions of recent years, and has grown from strength to strength across multiple industries. The software boasts the ability to significantly reduce the time spent in bundle preparation, specifically for courts. It also provides automatic creation of sections and pagination within the document bundle.

The solution has become widely popular because of its flexibility; catering for many different index types. This means, in specific reference to the courts, that it can be used for different course and cases, i.e. Litigation, Childcare, or others.

As the software has developed over time, new features have been added. Simple drag and drop functionality means that users can add documents from a network or desktop straight into the bundle in the correct place. The web-based nature of this solution is also a massive benefit, as it is accessible remotely, whilst retaining security.

Geoffrey Russell, of Nottinghamshire County Council, says; “Timebase Court Bundling is proving itself to be an essential tool in modernising our Legal Service. Looking towards the future development of court services, it is clear that procedural change is going to be digitally based. Timebase Court Bundling assists us in producing digital bundles in a time efficient manner and ensures that we are able to meet the challenges that a digital future holds”.

The bundling software created by Tricostar automatically performs the re-indexing, re-sectioning and re-pagination of document bundles at the touch of a button.

With the additional benefit of Cryptshare, Tricostar’s Document & Court Bundling Software now makes operations more efficient and secure. Manually transporting sensitive documents can have massive risks, and so too can email. Cryptshare offers extra security when transferring sensitive information online, and has a highly usable interface.

By utlising these two solutions, users are now able to efficiently gather their bundle, and get it to the right people safely and securely.

For more information about Tricostar’s solutions, call 0208 292 2660 or visit their website at;

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