Revolver Rani – Review by Mansha Rastogi

The definition of Hindi cinema is changing and so is the taste of the audience. Gone are the days of gun-toting men or excessive display of machismo with ample hand to hand combat. Woman power seems to be taking over here too and what best example than our very own desi style Kill Bill, Revolver Rani.

Fresh from the astounding success of Queen, Kangana Ranaut takes up yet another title role and quite like in Queen, Kangana this time around too takes you on a ride with her, only this time it’s not the bitter-sweet one but a deadly, lethal yet entertaining journey.

Revolver Rani aka Alka Gujjar (Kangana Ranaut) is a shrewd, ruthless leader of a political party in Chambal. She is outlandish, eccentric and volatile and doesn’t shy away from wearing her heart up her sleeves. She sets her eyes on a struggling Bollywood actor Rohan Kapoor (Vir Das) and her obsession for her toy-boy grows leaps and bounds. How lust starts coming in the way of her political career much to the agony of her uncle (Piyush Mishra) who has invested 25 years to grow Alka’s political standing is what follows through the rest of the plot.

Filmmaker Sai Kabir presents a rom-com in a Tarantino-esq manner set against the harsh-barren lands of Chambal. His is an unusual masala entertainer that has love, lust, ambition, politics, drama, revenge and much more but sadly, despite all ingredients, the maker’s amateurish hands fail in putting together a perfect entertainer.

At two and a half hours the film turns out to be extremely indulgent with a sluggish pace that tests your patients. One expects a racy pace for a film on guns and goons but that’s where the maker falters.

Sai, who has written films like Kismat Connection and Lamha in the past scores in creating a character like Alka. She is completely twisted, extremely unpredictable, insanely daring and impish. The movie revolves around her whilst giving us a taste of the dirty politics of small towns in India. It also focuses on the Bollywood dreams that many harbour in the small towns and the lengths they go to in a bid to pursue it.

There couldn’t have been another actress to portray Alka. The curly haired Kangana breathes life into the character and alters not just her appearance but also her body language, mannerisms and dialect. What’s extremely commendable is that never for once throughout the film does Kangana lose her character. Kudos to the actress who is proving her mettle film on film.

The rest of the characters including the likes of Piyush Mishra and Zakir Hussain all turn out to be a perfect fit for story of Chambal. Vir Das’s portrayal of an opportunist turned puppet in the hands of not just Alka but also her uncle appears forced and yet doesn’t make for a convincing watch.

Sai Kabir tries really hard to turn crude to class however, despite having all elements he ends up with a sluggish and half-baked plot. Watch it only for the exceptional performance of Kangana Ranaut.

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