Huw Price MD at Grid-Tools to speak at the IIBA

PRLog (Press Release) – Mar. 3, 2014 – OXFORD, U.K. — The event is taking place in London on 13th March and Price will discuss how to manage outsource partners. “It is common knowledge that short cuts, a lack of rigour and poor practice are driving down quality and delaying projects,” said Price, “these problems are magnified when dealing with outsourcing and so I will focus onsharing techniques that prevent them arising.”

Best practice dictates that clear logical requirements matched with high quality supporting test cases and test data is a necessity however the reality of trying to improve all these areas when dealing with the reality of outsourcing relationships is proving highly problematic.

“It is true that despite the best efforts of all parties, code is often delivered with too many bugs, has a lack of correct functionality or is simply late,” continues Price. “With a focus on effective communication, good requirements, clear expected results, good test cases and matching data, it is possibleto radicallyimproveoutcomes.”

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