DILAX Demonstrates Latest People Counting Solutions At RBTE 2014

PRLog (Press Release) – Mar. 10, 2014 – LONDON, U.K. — DILAX, the leading global provider of people counting technology, is demonstrating the latest innovations for the retail sector on stand 718 at RBTE 2014.

At the show, DILAX will be showing its unique range of 3D sensors which deliver improved recognition of individuals in crowded spaces and can differentiate between adults and children.  Already being used by many of the world’s leading international retailers to analyse the movement of people in public areas, the sensors can be used for crowd control as well as measuring occupancy and dwell times in and around retail outlets.

The 3D sensors can be used with Dilax’s OptoCount 3-D, a web-based solution that enables authorised users to securely access the data from any location and analyse it to establish variation patterns based on different factors such as time, prevailing weather, etc.  It allows a comprehensive range of reports to be generated including capture and conversion rates on a daily basis and, unlike many competitive systems, customers retain full ownership of the data enabling them to use it freely as required.  OptoCount 3D can also send warnings of developing situations, such as overcrowding or queues at payment tills, direct to staff using tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices.  DILAX also has the expertise to integrate with EPOS, access control and building management systems using its own in-house software development team.

“As a specialist provider of people counting technology with over 25 years’ experience in the harsh environment of the transport sector, DILAX has a higher level of understanding of the many ways that people counting technology can be applied for the benefit of retailers and the proven expertise and reach to support retail projects globally,” commented Nigel Fountain, Managing Director of DILAX UK.  “Our reliable and resilient solutions ensure that deployments are trouble-free and deliver the highest quality data enabling retailers to make rapid and informed decisions that can impact on the performance of their operations.”


Founded in 1988, DILAX is a global provider of fully automated people and passenger counting systems, services and solutions for use in diverse retail, transport and public facility applications.  The company develops and manufactures innovative technology solutions, supplying complete systems and services, including system integration and hosting, to meet the needs of individual customers.  It also has high levels of project and multi-project management expertise to ensure the on-schedule implementation of ready-to-run solutions and provides technical support around the world.  DILAX has over 100 employees based at offices in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Spain and Switzerland.  For further information, please visit http://www.dilax.co.uk

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