Small is beautiful with Cannon Technologies’ T4 Mini Data Centre

PRLog (Press Release) – May 14, 2014 – Cannon Technologies, the international leader in innovative containment systems, has announced the expansion of its pioneering T4 Data Centre Solutions range with the T4 Mini Data Centre. Designed to provide state-of-the-art support for IT equipment without the need for large amounts of space, the T4 Mini Data Centre is suitable for use in a wide range of vertical sectors.

This complete, self-contained and highly resilient solution is available in single or multi-cabinet versions that can be sited in offices, rooms, corridors or even basements. Central to the T4 Mini Data Centre is Cannon Technologies’ ServerSmart cabinet, which provides the perfect environment for the universal housing of all kinds of 19-inch rack mountable equipment, as well as power distribution units (PDUs) and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

Available for low power supply or high-density power, T4 Mini Data Centres are available with up to 25kW as standard, with options up to 60kW per cabinet. Security is provided thanks to the CannonGuard management system, which provides software based local and remote access control. Alarms are generated if unauthorised entry is attempted or an unusual condition or problem is detected and the entire T4 Mini Data Centre can be controlled and monitored with T4 Data Centre Manager software. What’s more, a hush kit option is also available, which reduces the already low noise emission for sensitive locations.

Being able to deal with the generation of heat is a big issue for data centres and T4 Mini Data Centre is available in either chilled water or direct expansion DX cooled versions, both of which maximise power usage effectiveness (PUE).

Cannon Cool chilled water cooling units work on the air to water heat exchanger principle – warm air from a cabinet is forced through a heat exchanger fan coil by high efficiency fans, where it is then cooled using water. Delivering up to 30kW of cooling, the DX system can be mounted on the side of the rack to form a closed system. Warm server air is drawn in directly from the rear of the rack and cooled air is blown back in front of the 19-inch equipment level from the side, over the whole height of the cabinet.

Multi-cabinet systems can also utilise a DX system for within row cooling (WIRC), which is especially effective at dealing with power intensive workloads such as blade servers. With a footprint of just 200mm, compared with the standard 300mm system, it provides highly effective precision cooling in the narrowest and hence least space consuming unit on the market.

All IT hardware can be pre-configured, integrated and ‘ready to go’ – eliminating delays caused by multi-vendor involvement. This can save considerable amounts of time and money, and training expertise is also provided to help customers get the most from the T4 Mini Data Centres.

Mark Hirst, head of T4 Data Centre Solutions at Cannon Technologies, commented, ‘The T4 Mini Data Centre is the perfect solution for applications where there is very little space and minimal IT support and maintenance is available. We have used our considerable in-house experience and expertise to make sure that it contains the type of best in class technology and functionality found in much larger data centres.’

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With a 36 year pedigree , Cannon Technologies provides T4 Data Centre Solutions around the globe – from building complete data centres as turnkey projects up to TIA 942 Tier 4; to suites of intelligent,  environmentally managed infrastructure   racks, including cold-aisle cocooning, per-rack access control, video surveillance, intelligent power distribution and UPS. At top turnkey level Cannon designs, supplies, integrates and commissions the IT architecture for military and commercial applications, for mission critical projects.

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