Harrogate social enterprise Paperworks announces partnership with IT firm Vital Network Solutions

PRLog (Press Release) – Apr. 7, 2014 – HARROGATE, U.K. — Knaresborough’s Vital Network Solutions has been appointed to provide IT support services to the social enterprise Paperworks in a special deal which will see the two working closely together.

As part of its corporate social responsibility policy Vital has agreed to provide a subsidised IT support service for the charity, which is based at Harrogate Business Centre near Leeds road.

Paperworks provides work preparation training and support to adults with learning, physical and mental health related disabilities.

Trainees are given practical work opportunities in the delivery of its commercial offerings which include print finishing, direct mailing and packing & fulfilment services.

Under the deal Paperworks will now manage the distribution of Vital’s quarterly magazine Business Talk, a free publication looking at technology issues and opportunities and which is delivered to companies across the region.

Lee Evans, managing director of Vital Network Solutions, said: “We are delighted to have been appointed by, and to be able to support, Paperworks which is a fantastic, highly-respected local organisation offering a very real social benefit at the same time as a competitive, high-quality commercial service to its clients.

“Paperworks is another great example of a local organisation turning to Vital to outsource its IT and quickly realising the benefits our approach provides over traditional IT support services.”

Paperworks’ manager Damien Handslip said: “For Paperworks, like most other businesses, the reliable functioning of our communications and computer equipment is crucial to our everyday operation and long-term success.

“To enable us to provide the high-quality, reliable service we are committed to providing for our business customers, we need our IT to work seamlessly across both our Harrogate and Leeds sites. I see IT support not so much as a technical requirement but as a business support service.

“Although technical know-how is part of the package the most significant elements for Paperworks are customer service and efficiency. Coming across an IT support company that sees things the same way means that our businesses work really well together.”

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